Best Practice accreditation


What is BESTPRACTICE and what does it mean to our clients?

Best Practice(copy)

At Franklin Vets we are proud to have achieved BESTPRACTICE at our Pukekohe, Papakura and Waiuku clinics and we're working towards gaining accreditation at all our clinics.  Our Pukekohe clinic is also currently working towards BESTPRACTICE Hospital Standards as well, though this may take a year or two to achieve.

BESTPRACTICE is New Zealand's ONLY quality accreditation programme that ensures a high standard of service and professionalism for veterinary clinics and hospitals in New Zealand.  It's a quality assurance programme modelled on best practice overseas standards and adapted to suit the New Zealand veterinary environment.

It comprises of two levels:

  • BESTPRACTICE Clinic Standards - these stipulate the standards of service, facilities, equipment and management considered essential in veterinary practices in New Zealand.  Clinic standards are set at a level that should be achievable by most veterinary practices.
  • BESTPRACTICE Hospital Standards - these are more demanding and represent an advanced level of veterinary treatment and care.

The Benefits

  • BESTPRACTICE accredited veterinary clinics and hospitals offer pet owners the best possible standard of veterinary care at all times.
  • BESTPRACTICE is a mark of excellence at a veterinary clinic, and indicates a commitment to a quality working environment for patients, clients and staff.

Why this is important to Franklin Vet's...  Clients, our vets, our support staff, veterinary graduates and the veterinary industry in general. 

It proves that, at Franklin Vets we offer:

  • High levels of veterinary excellence.
  • A modern and highly skilled practice which attracts the best possible staff.
  • Ongoing critical evaluation of our surgical, medical, diagnostic and nursing practices & protocols to benefit our clients.