Farm Veterinary Positions


General Enquiries

We are always on the lookout for top farm vets to join our growing business. We will often look to take on the right people even when we are fully staffed. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in working for a progressive practice, with good facilities and equipment, good systems and support, and a proven track record of developing the careers of our team. 

We have:
  • Separate farm, equine and small animal departments within the practice. This means no small animal or equine calls for Farm Vets after-hours, -Reducing much of the stress in your first year!
  • Plenty of experienced vets for support: Nine of our 17 farm vets have been graduated over 10 years, providing plenty of support and advice to our younger vets when required. The team includes two Intelact nutrition and farm management consultants, 12 InCalf trained Vets, 3 SmartSAMM accredited mastitis vets, plus a Healthy Hoof advisor. With over 30  Veterinarians across the practice with a variety of special interests, including 6 MANZCVS Qualified, there is plenty of support for all species.
  • We qualify for the rural bonding scheme.
  • Best Practice accredited in two of our sites with others moving towards accreditation.
  • Infovet use throughout the practice. We aim to be at the forefront of the industry with significant investment in equipment, technology and training, including toughbook laptops and tablets for on farm data entry, Infovet and MindaPro,
  • The best gear to do the job; safely, efficiently, and accurately.  Late model 4x4 Double cab utes, custom built pull-out ute drawers, Smartphones, BCF Backpack scanners and Bluetooth display monitors for training.
  • Strategic partnership with DairyNZ to provide InCalf, Healthy Hoof, and Smart SAMM, and other DairyNZ programs.
  • Cutting edge Companion Animal Hospitals , and a dedicated equine team to compliment farm services

Contact: Mark Hosking, 0274069797