Healthy Hoof


Lameness in dairy cows costs you in time, money and stress, and costs the cow in production, reproduction and welfare.

Lameness costs on average around $350 in treatment costs, lost production, reduced reproductive performance and increased chance of being culled.  However, it can cost considerably more.  For example, a cow with serious lameness around mating that ends up empty will cost around $1000 - the difference in value between and in-calf cow and a cull.  
In partnership with Dairy NZ Franklin Vets is a provider of the Healthy Hoof Programme to help dairy farmers reduce the incidence of lameness.

The main aim of the Healthy Hoof Programme is to help farmers reduce lame cows through improved management of cows and people.

The full programme involves a 5-step process with visits from the advisor to identify problem areas and implement action plans, followed by sessions on treatment and prevention for farm staff.  Improved recording systems allow a 6-monthly review process to assess the effectiveness of the on-farm changes.  Tailor-made packages can also be developed specifically for your farm.

Dairy NZ have put a significant amount or resources behind the programme including information folders, field guides, recording sheets and DVDs.  If lameness is a problem in your herd, don't put up with it.  Now is the time to make a change, for your sake and the cow's.  Veterinarian Jason Fayers is the Healthy Hoof advisor for the Franklin area, so for more information give Jason a call at our Pukekohe clinic or check the Dairy NZ website under the Healthy Hoof link.


Want to Avoid Lame Cows ?

Most people get sick of lame cows in the Spring.  Too many lame cows in the mob slows down milking, and most people hate looking at lame cows let alone picking up their feet and treating them.

Being on farm all the time, and being in the pit at milking time, it is easy to miss some of the main causes of lameness on your farm.
Intermediate course for Healthy Hoof treatment

This is designed for workers and farm owners with basic lameness skills who want to learn more, with an emphasis on more hands on treatment of lame cows on your farm.  The healthy hoof programme has been used successfully in many farms in New Zealand.

Take advantage of all the healthy hoof resources including detailed notes on treatment and prevention, posters, recording sheets and handy field guides.

This is a great way to have a look at what healthy hoof can do on your farm without signing up for the whole program, it is little more than the cost of one lame cow.
Introductory course for Healthy Hoof treatment
This course is aimed at new farm staff and farmers who have limited hands on experience of treating lame cows.
Topics include :
  • Tying Up Lame Feet
  • How to use a hoof knife
  • Identifying problem areas on farm
  • Applying cowslips
Our seminars start with a theory session, covering the basics of lameness diagnosis and treatment on New Zealand dairy farms.  This is followed by a practical session on farm, using real lame cases to put the theory into practice.

If you are interested in sending your workers along to our next seminar, contact your branch of Franklin Vets for details.