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Infovet is the latest in farm side herd diagnostic support

Combined assessment of dairy industry, farm and practice information allows rapid, accurate and cost efficient interventions to improve individual dairy herd production, mastitis and fertility.

By using the latest in farm-side herd diagnostic support our veterinarians are able to focus on improving advice to farmers that enhances on-farm change and the delivery of the Dairy Industry targets.

  Prompt problem detection   Detailed analysis of herd
  health performance
  Compare your herd's
  performance against others
  in the area

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Infovet has been used successfully in the past to solve issues of poor reproductive performance far more accurately and efficiently than we have been able to do in the past.  Combining production and reproduction data has enabled us to quantify the impact of early season nutrition on one farm.  The impacts may have been preventable with closer monitoring of the farm's performance. This is another benefit that Infovet can provide. 


Information aids proactive decision making

By collating farm information and synchronising with other available databases, Infovet makes it possible to analyse data.  Vets, in consultation with farmers, can set custom health alerts for a huge variety of variables to keep a 'watching eye' over the farm.  Action plans can easily be produced and progress monitored.  Local benchmarking is also possible, giving the farm a valuable insight into their herd performance.

Performance analyses

One of the most powerful and impressive features of Infovet are the ease at which analyses can be produced, including:
•   Diseases – yearly and monthly  incidence
•   Mastitis – yearly and monthly  incidence, occurrence relative to calving, herd test SCC data, BMSCC
•   Milk production – volume, milksolids, fat, protein, protein:fat ratio, per Ha, per cow
•   Reproduction – fertility focus report, SR, CR, in-calf rate, calving rate

Health alerts

Imagine setting thresholds for health targets and having Infovet inform your vet when something is amiss...
  • Health targets such as BMSCC levels are set by the veterinarian working in consultation with their farmer client
  • Infovet scans data daily and notifies the vet of any issues arising on any of the farms under their care

Key Outcomes

Greater efficiency on farm

  • Vets arrive on farm prepared with timely and accurate information
  • Cowside data such as pregnancy testing information is entered in real time. This increases the accuracy and speed of the overall job
  • Pregnancy data is automatically uploaded to Minda and Mistro, saving the farmer the hassle of entering the data
  • Professional reporting of calving and induction lists are simplified

Improved farm performance and profitability Scanning & Recording

  • Less mastitis and a lower BMSCC through facilitation of problem analysis and early notification of issues
  • Improved reproductive performance through analysis of reproductive data and interventions
  • Continuity of care for farmers where multiple
  • vets service individual farms by allowing shared access to animal and farm histories
  • Facilitates benchmarking against other farms

Infovet pulls information from LIC, Ambreed in the very near future, Fonterra, Franklin Vets and the various laboratories into a single information porthole.  The outcomes:
  • Having your pregnancy tests entered on farm via a laptop, electronic or printed results being available instantly and secure forever.  Management lists/analysis available the same day
  • Pregnancy testing data appearing in MINDA without you having to manually enter it
  • Your vet being better informed about your farm, able to look up the latest individual cow information online before treating a cow, and printing you a legible treatment plan for each case they see.
  • Your vet having data from a range of sources at their fingertips (including case records from other vets) should you require rapid expert assistance in solving a herd health problem
  • When your regular vet is away, having your back-up vet with the same information to hand
  • Personalised automated milk quality and herd health alerts for proactive monitoring; solving problems in the early stages before they come expensive
  • Seeing how you stack up against local and national animal health and production benchmarks.

MilkFat Graph(copy)Early awareness results in a quick response and superior results

How Franklin Vets is using smartphones with Infovet for rapid diagnosis
After receiving a call from a dairy client to deliver a calf early on Saturday morning it came as no surprise that there were a few other 'while you are here...' jobs lined up for Greg Lindsay.
One in particular was a cow looking like death warmed up. Discussions with the farm manager revealed that after losing a few cows with similar presenting signs that same week, management were starting to get a bit worried. Cows were initially looking off-colour, with reduced feed intakes, becoming very dehydrated over a course of 2-3 days before dying.

Says Greg, "On clinical examination it was evident that this animal was suffering from a severe case of acidosis. After providing treatment, thoughts centred on this potentially being somewhat of a herd problem, Infovet was my next port of call. Using the internet feature on my smartphone the farm manager and I were able to pull up a milkfat graph while he gave me an update on the herd's feed inputs. An immediate alarm rang when it was mentioned that 2kgDM kiwifruit had been added to the supplement mix around a week ago! Over the course of the week, fat percentage plummeted from around 4.6% to below 4.0%. Rapid diagnosis of this herd problem proved invaluable with immediate changes to the herd's ration introduced."

In conjunction with the farm advisor levels of fibre were lifted, dietary buffers added and the degree of mixing of the ration reduced. Continued monitoring through Infovet saw improvements in milk production and milkfat percentage, instilling much confidence in the farm-staff as to the benefits of technology - not only Infovet but Smartphones as well!

On another farm the role of the bull fertility and health issues were raised very quickly when assessing the herd's Fertility Focus Report.