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Intelact a leader in Farm Consultancy

Low Res LogoIntelact is established as a leader in Farm Consultancy offering an integrated farm systems and business management approach.

Intelact combines the group's wide ranging consultancy expertise with leading edge technology designed to improve profit for dairy farmers.

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The Intelact Philosophy - Lifting Productivity driving Profitability

  • Intelact embraces all aspects of farm productivity and profitability by taking an all-encompassing approach to herd and pasture management and customising solutions to improve your productivity and profit
  • This approach once contested by the establishment is now widely supported for its proven principles relating to productivity, profitability and individual cow performance
  • Independent research now confirms the Intelact conviction that by implementing an all grass system dairy farmers are limiting production to the level of grass sown and harvested.  By using high quality, low cost supplements with the correct stocking rate and the appropriate advice, farmers will not only harvest more grass but also remove the cap on production.  As a result profit can improve by more than $1,000 per hectare (Economic Farm Surplus), with potentially unlimited scope
  • Franklin Vets Veterinarians & Directors offering Intelact Consultancy are Ross Beal, Mark Hosking and David Hawkins