Heifer Grazing

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Under-grown heifers are costing you money!!!

Well grown heifers can potentially produce 90% of the production of mixed aged cows - are yours??

Think of the production losses associated with a heifer producing 240 Kg MS vs a heifer doing 310 MS.  The feed intakes are often similar, but in one case feed is going to milk and in the other feed is going into growth that didn't occur in the rearing period.  Then add in the poor reproductive performance that goes hand in hand with underweight young stock, and the losses can add up to over $600 a head very easily.

Franklin Vets have been monitoring and advising on health and grown heifers
for Emerald Downs, Mangatangi since December 2008.  This is an exceptional farm, central to Franklin Vets clients, with strong management in place to handle the challenges of rearing top quality young stock.  Mark Hosking (Vet and Intelact Consultant) has been taking a lead to ensure our clients are well looked after.

Despite a very challenging season, especially the winter, overall the growth rates and animal health have exceeded our expectations, with the average weights of the different breeds.

Comprehensive Animal Health Plans have been written by Franklin Vets, with anthelmintics and trace elements included.  Monitoring, both visual inspection and weighing will occur every 6-8 weeks, and a written report will be sent to owners every two to three months.

For an information pack, please contact your local clinic or phone Mark Hosking on 0274 069 797 or Ross McDonald 0274 583 194