How well is your herd performing ?

UDDERS.jpgDaily tanker dockets are the first port of call for farmers wanting to gauge how well their herd is performing


They provide us with very useful snapshots of farm production data and information on milk quality.  A section seldom used on these printouts is the breakdown of milk into its protein and fat components.  When monitored, these values offer a huge insight into the dietary health of the herd and as we know, when cows are fed well, they produce well.


infovet_logo.jpgInfovet can be used to monitor milk protein trends throughout the season, enabling early identification of nutritional issues before they turn into bigger problems.  


As with milk protein, the level of milkfat and how this changes through a season can provide insights into aspects of herd management.  The following pages summarise the effects certain management factors have on milkfat and protein.