Combination Mastitis Therapy


Combination therapy for mastitis almost halves culling rate

In a recent major New Zealand trial into the treatment of clinical mastitis, culling rates were almost halved by using combination therapy (where an antibiotic and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) are combined).  In the trial results of combination therapy were compared with the results of using the antibiotic alone.

The trial included herds from Waikato, Southland and Canterbury.  The large enrolment of 727 cows ensured robust and relevant findings.

In the study, the results of treating with a course of the injectible antibiotic Mamyzin vs a combination of Mamyzin and one injection of NSAID, Metacam 20 were compared.

The combination treatment reduced the culling rate by 41%.

The results of the trail were clear cut.  The culling rate for the cows receiving combination therapy was 16% while the culling rate in the cows receiving antibiotic alone group was 28%.  This is a highly significant 41% reduction in culling rate.
UDDERS.jpgIn addition to the culling reduction, there was also a significantly faster decrease in Somatic Cell Counts of the affected quarters, ensuring a speedier return to quality milk production.

Surprisingly there was no difference in milk yield between the treatments.

These findings suggest that despite increased treatment costs, there are worthwhile economic benefits (around 4:1 return on investment) to be gained from using Metacam"20 in conjunction with an antibiotic for treating routine mastitis.

Please discuss with our veterinarian whether combination therapy has a role in your herd this Spring.