Inhibitory Substance Grading

Franklin Vets 0034 LR(copy)Following the 2008 drought we saw many IS grades (ISG’s) early the following season. This was often due to very low milk volumes in some cows at dry off, and these almost dry udders not metabolising the antibiotic in dry-cow therapy.  So take care this season as ISG’s incur very high levels of demerit points. These costs cannot be offset against the costs of investigating the ISG under the Demerit Relief Scheme.  However, your audit fee will be waived if you involve your veterinarian in your investigation.
A few points to prevent  ISG are as follows:
  • If cows were doing less than 7 litres/ cow at dry off take extra care
  • Check dry- cow milk withholding periods (WHP) are adhered to in early calving or aborted cows
  • If there are fewer heifers in the vat than usual at the start of calving, don’t send <500L at first pick up  If you have adhered to your dry-cow milk WHP but only by a short period eg. a few days, don’t send <500L at first pick up
  • Ensure cows receive eight milkings on top of the dry cow WHP before their milk enters the vat 
  • Milk the colostrum and antibiotic cows last in a separate mob and mark these clearly
Ensure accurate records of treatments are recorded with dates of when milk can be returned to the vat and that all staff including relief staff understand your system.
If a ISG problem occurs on your farm this season please involve us as early as possible!