Late Lactation Mastitis Control



Are you a slave to mastitis?

  • Are high numbers of clinical mastitis cases driving you mad?
  • Is your Bulk Milk SCC a constant thorn?
  • Is drying-off cows early a way you manage your BMSCC after Christmas?
  • Do you wish you had control after Christmas to decide how you manage
  • your farm?
  • Is BMSCC what determines whether you can go on once a day or when you dry your herd off?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, chances are you are a slave to mastitis.

As a rule of thumb, if doubling your current BMSCC gives you a value higher than 400,000, losing significant days in milk due to mastitis is a concern in the late lactation.

What can you do?

Late lactation, clinical cases driven by poor environmental conditions should start to settle down and controlling contagious mastitis becomes more critical.
Key factors include maintaining adequate teat spray and ensuring optimal teat condition.
Once cows have now been milked for about 3-4 months teat condition changes in response to the way cows are managed. A study sponsored by Boerhinger-Ingelheim and completed by Franklin Vets over the past two years looked at the influence of poor teat condition on BMSCC. The results indicate that poor teat condition is not a good predictor of BMSCC in the early season, as several other factors may have much larger influences, however from the peak production period on, poor teat condition is a good predictor of rising BMSCC in later lactation.

The outcome is that now is the ideal time to take stock of mastitis control. Have a good look at the mastitis mob first as an indicator of herd teat health. They will usually have the worst teat condition. Run the BMSCC rule of thumb against your cell counts and see how you stack up. Franklin Vets can assist with teat scoring and, where appropriate, complete a comprehensive milking assessment. Addressing issues early and slowing BMSCC rise will give you more days in milk later on, at a great payout.
So don’t let mastitis enslave you, put the control back in your hands.ade Buster Approach