Milk Quality Investigation Packages

Udder.jpgOngoing high somatic cell counts, high levels of clinical mastitis and Inhibitory Substance Grades are all issues that bring a lot of stress as well as costing the farm significant amounts of money

through high treatment rates, increased culls, discarded milk and production losses, not to mention the costs of grading incurred.

Getting to the bottom of the issue can be difficult as there are a multitude of factors that interact to result in a problem.  Most “easy-fix” solutions don’t work and waste resources that could be better directed at resolving the underlying problems. Franklin Vets offer a referral level Milk Quality Investigation Package that teases out where the mastitis is coming from.  You can direct resources appropriately to resolve the problem.

From the 2011 season forward Fonterra will be specifically targeting high BMSCC farms to reduce their BMSCC.  Where demerits have been incurred these can only be used to offset investigations by accredited veterinarians.  David Hawkins is a Fonterra Somatic Cell Count Support Scheme accredited veterinarian, meaning when you use our referral Milk Quality Investigation Package you can claim back the costs of the investigation against your demerits.  In many cases Fonterra will pay for the whole investigation.

Our milk quality service involves:

Referral level evaluation of BMSCC, Herd Test, Clinical Mastitis and Bacteriological data; a thorough assessment of farm practices and herd history; a milking time “wet” machine evaluation; cow teat assessment; milking management; environmental assessment; comprehensive reporting with a concise action plan to drive change on farm.  We have no vested interest in selling you a particular milking plant or insulating your yard so you get independent advice you can trust.

We will give you an up-front quote for the work if required so you know what you are paying for ahead of time.  And it will always be less than expected where you meet Fonterra Somatic Cell Count Support Scheme requirements.