Reproductive Services

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Reproductive Services

We offer solutions for non cycling cows, manual and ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis.

We work with you to get compact calving patterns and optimal cow health through the mating period.

Pregnancy testing is about far more than just finding out which cows are empty.

Dairy NZ have shown that herd reproductive performance is a key driver of profitability.  Collecting and analysing accurate scanning data allows you to benchmark your herd's performance, and identify the economic potential for improvement.

Over the last few years, Franklin Vets have made a significant financial and time commitment to providing you with quality scanning services with our backpack scanners, data entry and analysis using Infovet or Mindapro, and consultancy services through Dairy NZ's InCalf programme.

We have progressively enrolled more and more clients into InCalf and farmers who have embraced this system have seen significant financial gains.
If you want an insight into how InCalf works, without diving in, we offer two packages:

Fertility Focus Report Analysis

  • Identifies overall performance with a dollar figure put on any gap in performance for your herd
  • Identifies which management factors are impacting reproductive performance in your herd
  • Lists what the likely key factors are that are impacing on these problem areas

Detailed Reproductive Analysis

  • Identifies areas of under-performance and from your herd's data identifies specific management factors in your herd that need to be improved
  • Economic analysis of these individual areas such as calving spread or bull performance.  This allows you to rank the problems in order of impact and make cost based decisions on how to correct them
  • Provides an action plan specific to your herd to take you forward
  • If you choose to sign up to InCalf, this package can be used as the first consult in the program

We strongly believe that collecting and analysing accurate PD data is the first step in improving your herd's fertility.