Condition score at calving

What condition score are your cows going to calve at?

Everyone knows calving cows at condition score 5 is a profitable objective for dairy farms.  Fatter cows are healthier, make more milk and get pregnant earlier than thinner cows.

If the milkers lose more than one condition score after calving they will make less milk and take longer to get in calf.
Using an autumn feed budget is essential to helping plan how much feed is available for weight gain.
This budget supplies a snapshot of the farm situation and enables you to intelligently plan what condition score your cows will get to as well as ensuring you have feed to milk off next season.  Once you know where you are likely to end up then options can be put in place to improve the situation. These may include:
·         Nitrogen application and Progib application
·         Under sowing pasture
·         Supplement purchasing – best to know now if you are going to need it
·         Grazing off – There is still some out there
·         Culling – If you can’t feed all of them maybe milking less may help next seasons production
·         Once a day milking next season
All of these options will cost and be seen either as dollars straight out of the bank or result in less dollars going in.  Just keep in mind calving at 4 instead of 5 will cost at least $12,000 per 100 cows making Palm Kernel still affordable.
Remember Failure is often due to Failing to Plan.
Please ring your local vet clinic to discuss any help you may need.