Eczema cows at calving

Herd of Cows.jpgIt is worthwhile remembering that these cows will be at risk of metabolic disease and other problems at calving.

Key Points:
  • Get body condition score to a 5
  • Use low protein supplements such as maize and hay if possible in the transition period
  • Feed at levels above maintenance and ensure cows are not losing weight during the transition period
  • Use Starter Plus or Vitol to provide an immediate energy lift after calving, and reduce Ketosis
  • Offer adlib feed to colostrum cows
  • B vitamins may be of some use (B12 or multivitamin injections)
  • Rumensin, which is proven to reduce Ketosis over the calving period is likely to help
  • IV dextrose may be of benefit along with calcium to any down cows
  • Ensure adequate magnesium levels to springers and colostrum cows
Most cows will get through calving with slightly compromised liver function, with some liver regeneration having occurred over the winter, but they will need reasonable TLC.

Attention to good stock management and cow nursing care are the keys.