A syndrome caused by absolute Vitamin D deficiency in growing animals

Deficiency can be due to inadequate precursor uptake when grazing, or inability to convert precursors due to underlying liver or kidney disease.  

Clinical signs:

Symptoms vary markedly : depression, sore limbs, hunched stance, ill-thrift, reluctance to stand or move, hanging back and limb deformities.


Approach with caution as excessive Vitamin D can be toxic.  A veterinarian involvement is required; any treatment is best attempted while the alpaca is still able to move.  


Supplement young, growing animals up to two years of age with Hideject™ (available only through your veterinarian).  Can be administered to pregnant hembras 4-8 weeks out from due date of unpacking to elevate levels in the cria in the first few weeks of life.  Cria injections should start at 8 weeks, with a regime prescribed by your veterinarian until two years old.