First Aid for scouring calves

  • Ensure the calf has had 2 litres of colostrum within 6 hours of birth and at least 4 litres in the first 12 hours
  • Minimise stress and chilling during sale and transport
  • House in a dry, draft free, hygienic shed
  • Avoid sudden changes in the type, quantity or temperature of milk or milk powder
  • After significant transport feed electrolytes for the first 12 hours
  • Clean pens and any equipment regularly with a virucidal spray (eg Vetsan)
  • Keep it in a clean, dry, draught free environment and keep warm (put a calf cover on if available).
  • Alternate feeding between 2 litres milk and 2 litres of good quality electrolye such as Revive or Diarrest using protocol below
  • Use a tube feeder for any slow or weak drinkers
  • Veterinarian attention should be sought for any calf which is weak, cold in the ears and limbs or unable to stand
  • All scouring animals should be kept separate from healthy animals until they have recovered
  • Spray the pens and equipment with virucidal spray daily (eg Vetsan)
  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Morning Electrolyte, 2L Electrolyte, 2L Milk, 2L
Lunch Electrolyte, 2L Milk, 2L Electrolyte, 2L
Evening Milk, 2L Electrolyte, 2L Milk, 2L
Overnight Leave 3L electrolyte in feeder overnight