Sour milk recipe

  • Add 20mls of acidophilus yogurt to 0.5 litres Calf Milk Replacer (CMR) at 40ºC and keep warm for 24 hours
Sour Milk
  • Put 3 litres of warm (40ºC) water in a 7.5 litre container. Add 1kg if CMR and 0.2 litres of starter. Mix until smooth, cover and keep warm till set (24hrs) and leave for a further 24 hours.
  • Remove 0.2 litres of top crust to use as the starter for the next batch and store it in a refrigerator or cool place
  • Thoroughly mix the remaining sour milk and sieve to remove lumps
  • Add water to make 8 litres
Soured milk will last up to 5 days in a cool place.
Days 1-2 Feed warm cows colostrum 5x per day
Days 3-4 Feed warm CMR 4  times per day
Days 5-21 Feed cold sour milk ad-lib fed once caily and ad-lib Moozlee Meal
Days 22-28 As above plus pasture
Days 28-42 Weaning at 20kg.
Restrict Moozle, ryegrass /white colover pasture.
New Zealand Society of Animal Production 2006 (recipe reduced by factor of 10)