Ruperts Hernia Repair

Rupert in theatreRupert being operated on

Things started getting a bit uncomfortable for Rupert, a 6 week old calf, when his owner noticed a lump hanging between his legs. 

Not the obvious lumps for a male calf but a rather large inguinal hernia. 

Hernias in calves often resolve themselves.  However in Rupert’s case the hernia was too large. 

There was a high risk of gut falling through the hernia, twisting and becoming strangulated, a condition that can prove fatal.  Surgical correction was the option elected by Rupert’s owner.  

Franklin Vets veterinarian David Hawkins, assisted by vet nurse Shara Henderson, carried out the corrective procedure under general anaesthesia in the Waiuku clinic.

Hernia repairRupert in recovery
Using intradermal suture techniques to close the wound meant Rupert did not have to have the discomfort of suture removal following surgery. 

The operation went well and Rupert has made a full recovery.