Disease Management

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Prevention of Summer Health Issues starts now

As we enter the warmer summer months, we also move into the high risk periods for several nasty diseases, most of these being brought on by warm, wet weather.

However, a bit of forward planning prior to Christmas allows easy prevention of these.
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Barbers Pole (Haemonchus contortus)

Barbers pole is a blood-sucking parasite found in the stomach of sheep.


Flystrike can be a major problem in sheep and lambs following warm and wet weather, usually from October to March.

Facial eczema

Facial eczema typically occurs from late summer to early autumn when it is warm, moist and there is plenty of dead leaf
matter on pasture.

Internal parasites – drenching

Young stock (less than 12 to 18 months old) will not have yet developed good immunity against worms and it is important there is a good worm control strategy in place for these animals.

Ryegrass staggers

Ryegrass staggers affects most farmed livestock when animals grazing perennial ryegrass eat large amounts of a toxin produced by ryegrass endophyte, a fungus that grows inside the plant.


Facial eczema 
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