Kunekune Pig Care

Worms and Lice



Dosage Time of Year


Ivomec Injection

  • Quick technique required behind the ear.
1ml per 33 kg  
Spring / Autumn
Do it while the pig is eating.  If with a group of pigs, twice each season is recommended.

Ivermectin (Oral)

1ml per 33 kg  
Spring / Autumn
Dose twice per season if with a group of pigs.

Water / Feed

Water – Clean water available at all times.
Feed – Good pasture is adequate (would not need any extra pig food).  Scraps from the kitchen daily are fine.


Wallow Hole          Make a pig size hole (not deep).
                                 Keep filled with water. 
                                 Keep clean (do not feed near the hole).
Shade                     Have trees or a shed available to pigs.
Black Kunekune especially feel the heat, and can get heat stroke.
Feet                         Keep an eye on the feet.
                                 Occasionally some Kunekunes may need their feet trimmed.
NB:  Some pigs root up paddocks and require a vet to put in a nose ring as a deterrent.