Is your lifestyle block taking over your lifestyle?

Don't let animal health treatments and prevention become a chore!
Franklin Vets now have a vet technician who can carry out animal health tasks as listed below and can also offer animal health advice including Annual Health plans specific to your class of stock, all at a fraction of the cost of calling the Vet.
Services Available:
  • Debudding calves
  • Vaccinations
  • Foot Care
  • Rubber ring castration of calves and lambs
  • Drenching
  • Facial Eczema control and spore counting
  • Provision of annual animal health plans

Benefits of the Technician Service

  • Qualified technician who has completed a two year Certificate in Rural Animal Technology.
  • Significantly cheaper than a vet for basic animal health treatment.
  • Drenches, vaccines etc charged at per head rate so no need to buy farm pack sizes for small numbers of stock.
  • Back up of experienced veterinary advice or attendance if required.

If you would like to book these services or find out more about how we can help with your animal health please phone the Farm Services team.