Dental Diets

No diet is perfect but some dry foods are specially formulated to reduce plaque and tartar build up and some contain additives to reduce plaque and tartar accumulation.

What about bones? There is no doubt that dogs that chew bones generally have clean teeth, they often also have broken teeth. Chewing large raw beef bones that do not splinter are good at cleaning teeth but will also break teeth, many dogs get vomiting and or diarrhoea when chewing bones. Our best advice – Never feed cooked bone, never feed bones that break up or splinter, Never feed bones that can swallowed whole.

Why? We see numerous animals every year with problems associated with eating bones from vomiting and diarrhoea to severe constipation, bowel obstructions and ruptured intestines.  If you chose to feed large raw beef bones, accept that your dog may break a tooth and require dental treatment.