At Franklin Vets all pets that are admitted for desexing surgery have
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  • A full clinical examination prior to anaesthesia and surgery.
  • A blood test can be performed on all pets in for neutering to further ensure their health before going to surgery (pre-anaesthetic testing).
  • Pain relief both before (pre-operative) and after (post operative) surgery.  Pain relief prior to surgery reduces pain not only during surgery but can also reduce the pain and the amount of pain relief required afterwards as well.
  • Anaesthesia carefully monitored by our trained nursing staff with the aid of devices that measure heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation.
  • Neutering and speying is performed week days at Papakura, Pukekohe and Waiuku and involves a day stay for your pet at one of our clinics.  Collection is usually after 3pm once they have recovered from the anaesthetic.
Despite being considered "routine", all desexing procedures require general anaesthesia and a sterile surgical procedure.  The speying of both female cats and dogs involves abdominal surgery.

WhyRabbit1.jpg De-Sex ?

  1. Population control
  2. Reduces wandering in male dogs
  3. Reduces fight and wandering in male cats
  4. Early speying of dogs markedly reduces the incidence of mammary cancers later in life
  5. Reduced some prostate problems in dogs
  6. Cheaper registration fees
Please contact your nearest Franklin Vets Clinic by email or phone to book your pet for their surgery.Franklin Vets can spey or neuter your cat, dog, rabbit and even small pets like guinea pigs.