Export Certification

Exporting Pets to Australia?

Before exporting your pet to Australia, please go through the following checklist.  Rules for export are very strict and failure to comply may mean your pet cannot travel to Australia
1 Arrange an interview pre-export consultation with your veterinary clinic to discuss export requirements, microchipping or microchipping verification and assess fitness to fly  
  This check needs to be booked in four weeks prior to departure date  
2 Organise a registered pet export company  
3 There is a requirement for owners to contact DAFF (Australian authorities) Bio-security at least three days before export. Discuss this with your export company  
  Information must include: date and ETA, flight number, airway bill number, description of animal incl microchip number, contact phone number in Australia or New Zealand, Address in Australia  
4 Residency in New Zealand (dogs only).  If the dog has not been a resident in New Zealand or Australia for it's life then blood testing will be required.  
  It can take a few weeks to get results of blood tests.  
5 Animal identification-the animal must be microchipped  
6 The animal must be at least eight weeks of age  
7 Is the dog a prohibited breed? If there is doubt please contact DAFF bio-security  
  Prohibited breeds include: Pit Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull, Japanese Tosa, Fila Brasiliro, Dogo Argentino, Perro de Presa Canario or Presa Canario  
8 Is the animal a hybrid species e.g. Bengal cat or Wolf cross? If so you must be able to prove that it is more than five generations away from it's non-domesticated ancestor  
9 If pregnant, the animal must be no more than 21 days pregnant  
10 If anyone other than the owner will be presenting the animal for certification an owner statutory declaration must be presented with the animal. This form can be collected from the clinic and must be signed in front of a Justice of the Peace before the animal is exported  
11 If previously imported, a copy of the bio-security clearance record must be provided  
12 Is testing for Ehlichia canis required? Check with the vet at the four week pre-export check  
13 Is testing for Leishmania infantum required? Check with the vet at the pre-export check  
14 Is treatment for Babesia canis required? (Dogs that have resided in Africa)  
15 Book in for examination, certification, internal and external parasite treatment within 72 hours of travel  
  One certificate should be completed per animal.  
  Please bring with you for this consultation: any documentation required as above, the flight number, and the address that the dog will be residing at in Australia.