Surgical Services

Surgical_Services.jpgWe offer the full range of surgical services at our small animal clinics.

Routine desexing surgery and non-routine surgery such as lump removals, is performed Monday to Friday, while emergency surgery will be performed at the time required.

We carry out all our surgery either in our dedicated Operating Rooms, or in the DP (Dirty Procedures) Rooms.  DP surgery includes abscesses, dentals and wound treatment.
All surgical patients have a
  • full clinical examination prior to surgery
  • pre-anaesthetic blood tests
  • pre-medication suitable for each individual patient, followed a little later by the anaesthetic
Our fully trained nursing staff
  • monitor the anaesthetics using state of the art equipment, while the veterinarian performs the surgical procedure
  • assess every surgical patient for analgesia (pain controlling) requirements
  • constantly monitor patients in the clinic to ensure their level of discomfort is controlled at all times
New vets to our practice are thoroughly trained by senior vets to ensure their surgical standards fit with what both we and you expect.

Operative surgery is an area where attention to detail and investment in training and equipment can make an enormous difference to the patients in terms of recovery times, success of surgery, and even survival. 

We believe at Franklin Vets that the extra cost involved in working to higher standards is justifiable because of this, though that will inevitably result in some costs passed on to the clients.

We currently have one vet who has obtained Membership of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in Small Animal Surgery.