Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic_Surgery.jpgAt Franklin Vets we offer the full range of surgical services to our clients. This includes the frequently challenging subject of orthopaedic surgery.


We are “fortunate” that our rural setting provides us with a regular stream of orthopaedic cases, allowing us to keep our skills up to date and maintain good standards.




Orthopaedic surgery includes
  • repairing fractures
  • replacing dislocations
  • correcting some anatomical faults

Our patients vary in size from tiny kittens to giant breeds of dog and even the occasional alpaca.


We have a variety of treatments which may involve bone plates and screws, pins and wires, external skeletal fixators, or simply a cast.


Orthopaedic surgery is one of the more technically challenging parts of our job

Only some vets are trained and willing to tackle it. It is also an expensive surgery to have done, due to cost of materials and equipment used.


Many injuries that were previously not treated are now fixable with modern materials and techniques. This has lead to many cases being saved to live a normal life that would once have been euthanased.


At Franklin Vets we have one vet who has Membership of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in Small Animal Surgery, which included a large amount of study on orthopaedic diseases and treatments.


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