Patient Focus

We hope you enjoy your read of cases that have been presented to our clinics, should you have any experiences you would like to share on this page please contact us

Xray before 200 188Nine lives for Patch, a young adopted cat

Dr Sarah Tutt at Franklin Vets Beachlands branch initially examined Patch after his new owners presented him with laboured breathing. Dr Tutt found that he had a severe respiratory problem. She also noticed that his abdominal organs felt abnormal and his left back leg was painful.
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Oliver Twist enjoys walks again


Oliver came in to see our vet Nikki as his nails were
bleeding when he went for walks with his owner.  

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Lucky escapeCharlies Lucky Escape

Kathy Barclay's unique Shih Tzu Maltese cross, Charlie, was accidentally run over by a suppliers utility truck. The truck crushed Charlie's pelvis to a point that seemed beyond all possibility of repair.
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Waiau Pa KindergartenMakimaki, the Waiau Pa Kindergarten Guinea Pig 

Megan Easton, Pam Perry & Michelle Flay at Waiau Pa Kindergarten faced a dilemma after their two resident female guinea pigs became pregnant. 
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New treatments for corneal ulcers that just will not healCorneal Lens Image

Possum is a 10 year old cat who has a love of the outdoors.

He wandered in one day with his eye closed and covered in gunk. 
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Amputation to save your pet's lifediagram picture Andrea(copy)

Carolyn Haine’s beloved cat Miss Tortie lost her leg because of a small blood clot which may have only been the width of a few millimetres. Although this seems extreme, Miss Tortie is one of the lucky cats to survive STE, a disease which usually has devastating consequences. 
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Natey 4b5d13(copy)Nates brave battle with Lymphoma

Nate was one of the bravest, well behaved dogs I had ever met.  He came in for his yearly vaccination and health check at the age of 10 years, 11 months and his attentive owner was concerned about a few lumps on his neck. 
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Ranger in his mobility KartDegenerative Myelopathy 

After the Moseley family noticed their beloved 8 ½ year old, German Shepherd had suddenly become weak in the back legs. 
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