Comfortis® for cats and dogs

Comfortis Poster

Comfortis.jpgComfortis® contains a highly effective flea killer called spinosad.  

Comfortis® is the fastest flea killer on the market, starting to kill fleas within 30 minutes of the dog having the tablet, lasting an entire month.It cannot be washed off, does not leave a sticky residue on the coat, and is highly palatable so dogs will eat it in their food or out of your hand.  Comfortis® is best given with food or at the time of eating.

Like most flea products for animals, Comfortis® does not treat the environment, so it is essential to treat the kennels with a suitable product such as a flea bomb to kill the eggs and larvae.

Comfortis® can be safely given to puppies from 14 weeks of age.  

This is an extremely exciting development in the battle against fleas, and Comfortis® is another option worth considering when looking at treating and preventing flea infestations in your dogs.

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