Managing itchy pets

A persistently scratching pet is not a happy pet

Allergic skin problems are very common and there are number of things that can000014841394 ExtraSmall be done to reduce your pet’s itchiness and maybe avoid some of the complications like skin infections.


  • APOQUEL is a new medication specifically designed to control itching associated with allergic skin disease in dogs.  APOQUEL very quickly lessens your dog's itch and the desire to scratch, and also decreases the associated redness and swelling of the skin, without the short and long term side effects associated with steroids.  Apoquel is a Restricted Veterinary Medicine and needs to be prescribed by your veterinarian who can assess if the product is right for your pet and explain any side effects.  For further information on Apoquel, click HERE.  Click HERE for our recent articles.
  • Flea Control.  Remember 60-70% of skin problems in dogs and cats worldwide are caused by fleas, even if fleas are not the primary cause of your dog’s or cat’s skin problems the addition of fleas to an already itchy animal is not going to help.   Important advice on flea control.
  • Regular (weekly-monthly) bathing helps too, by removing bacteria and yeasts that infect inflamed skin; by removing allergens from the skin and by soothing inflamed skin (especially oatmeal shampoos).  Be aware that not all shampoos are the same, we recommend shampoos from the Dermcare range which have been formulated specifically for skin conditions in dogs and cats.  If you are not sure which shampoo to use on your pet's irritated skin, please speak to one of our vet nurses or client services team, they will be happy to help.  Note that sometimes inflamed skin can be sensitive to even the best antibacterial shampoos so if your dog appears to become more red or irritated after using a medicated shampoo please contact your local FVS clinic.

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  • Specially formulated diets are available for managing itchy dogs and in particular dogs with Atopy (allergies to pollens, dusts, plants etc).  These diets work to improve the skin’s protective barrier and may reduce some of the inflammation associated with skin allergies.  Eukanuba Dermatosis FP diet has been shown to reduce itching in some dogs with allergic dermatitis.  Sometimes itching can actually be due to food allergy and in this situation a change to hypoallergenic veterinary diet can provide a complete cure for skin problem. Our vets can discuss if a dietary change may be helpful for you pet’s skin condition.
  • Medication may be necessary.  Through summer most dogs with allergic skin disease will at some time require medications to manage flare ups of their skin problems. Secondary infections are common and often treatment for bacteria and yeast infections are prescribed. Corticosteroids (prednisone) are necessary in some dogs to control allergies and prevent damage to the skin that then leads to secondary infection.  In cases of severe itching other medications and even a consultation with a skin specialist may be required.