Puppy & Kitten Nutrition

Cat & DogFeeding your new Puppy and kitten

Getting a new puppy or kitten is an exciting time. They are a great source of fun and entertainment and will quickly become a part of the family. Feeding your new puppy or kitten the right type of food is extremely important in giving them a great start in life and makes your experience together a great one.
Your puppy’s diet is extremely important to help your puppy grow healthy and strong. Puppies have high energy needs and require certain nutrients to aid rapid growth. This is why it is important that you feed a premium puppy food. This is probably one of the most important choices you make for your new puppy.
Premium puppy foods such as Eukanunba® puppy, Hills® Puppy, or Royal Canin® Junior foods have been well researched and vigorously tested over the years to give your puppy all it needs in the first year of life. These diets do not require any form of supplementation as it is a complete and balanced diet meaning they have been proved to provide all the nutrients required for growth at appropriate levels.
Puppy food can be further narrowed down into the categories small breed, medium breed and large breed. Each of these is made up of different nutrients which certain breeds require for optimum growth.
Another important tip when feeding your puppy is always ensuring there is plenty of fresh water available. Soaking food in water can also help make the food more palatable and softer for little puppy teeth. Start by feeding three times a day until they are 12 weeks old then twice daily from then.
Raw diets are becoming more common in today’s society. We do not recommend feeding a raw diet as it is very difficult to ensure it is a complete and balanced diet for a growing animal and they have a greater risk of causing gastrointestinal upset.
Cooked bones can splinter and therefore can potentially cause serious intestinal problems so specialised puppy chews would be a better option to give your dog to chew.
These feeding guidelines also apply to your new kitten. Feed your new kitten premium kitten food until they are a year old to meet all your kittens nutritional requirements. An important tip for kittens is to avoid giving them cows milk as it can cause intestinal upsets and diarrhoea. Fresh water is all they need to drink.
An added bonus of feeding a premium diet is that because it is highly digestible you feed smaller amounts which means less waste for you to clean up from the back yard or litter tray.
Feeding your new puppy or kitten doesn’t need to be hard. Pick a premium food and enjoy all the fun that having a new puppy or kitten can bring.