Hock surgery

Traumatic injuries to the hock (ankle) are common in dogs and cats. It is a very complicated part of the body, with multiple joints and ligaments, any and all of which can be damaged.

The hock is a very important part of the leg, and proper structural support is essential for normal use of the limb.

Most of the injuries will require surgery to repair properly. Accurate diagnosis of the injury is essential.
Some of the injuries are called “open”, in which there is an open wound from the outside to the bone or joint. These make the injury much more complicated to treat, but not impossible.


Treatment depends entirely on the type of problem. Some ligaments need replacing with prosthetic nylon ligaments, while some damaged joints need fusing surgically and stabilising with bone plates and screws.

Suitable candidates

Since most of the injuries to the hock are traumatic, it is important to check for other injuries that might be present and need treatment.

Some animals will require more than one procedure over a period of time, especially if the wound is open.

Time involved in clinic

This varies with the injury and the treatment. Expect for your pet to be in the clinic for several days after surgery in most cases.

After care

A prolonged period of rest is likely required, again depending on the type of injury and repair done.

How to book

Give reception a ring on 09 238 7486 to discuss transfer of your patient to our clinic for assessment and treatment. You may be asked to bring any clinical notes, xrays images, and medications with you when you come.