Conjunctival pedicle graft

Non-healing corneal ulcers are common in cats and dogs, and very frustrating to deal with.

Some are treated successfully with grid or punctate keratotomy, followed by placement of a third eyelid flap.

Some require placement of a conjunctival pedicle graft, where a flap of conjunctiva is reflected across the ulcer and sutured in place. It forms a permanent seal over the ulcer, so there is some loss of vision over the sutured part, but in general this does not affect the patient that much. The goal is to preserve the eye.


This is very fiddly delicate surgery requiring plenty of magnification and a very steady hand!
After graft placement, the graft is left to heal into its new location for a few weeks, and then the connection to the eyelid is cut under a second short anaesthetic.

Suitable candidates

Non-healing corneal ulcer

Time involved in clinic

These are normally sent home the same day as surgery

After care

Protecting the graft from damage is essential, so the patients all have a restrictive collar placed for at least 2 weeks.

How to book

Give reception a ring on 09 238 7486 to discuss transfer of your patient to our clinic for assessment and treatment. You may be asked to bring any clinical notes, xrays images, and medications with you when you come.