Wound management

Wounds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a variety of causes. Some are best treated by open wound management, in which the wound is cleaned and normally dressed regularly, while the tissue heals over a period of time.

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Other wounds may be closed surgically, either at the time (primary closure) or a few days later (delayed primary closure or secondary closure).

Still other wounds are large enough that closure is not possible, and these may require some creativity in moving flaps of skin around to achieve closure.

Skin flaps can be either local or distant, with skin moved from areas a distance from the wound. There are a variety of recognised sites for obtaining skin for such flaps, which allow closure of some difficult or large wounds in a variety of locations on the body.
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Some wounds are not able to be closed by skin flaps, and these would require free skin grafting instead, which we are also able to do.

How to book

Give reception a ring on 09 238 7486 to discuss transfer of your patient to our clinic for assessment and treatment. You may be asked to bring any clinical notes, xrays images, and medications with you when you come.