Parasite Control

Franklin Vets 0056 LRThere has been a lot of discussion recently on which treatment method is best for cattle. Results of recent research on New Zealand cattle showed single active moxidectin treatment still had very good efficacy against Ostertagia, regardless of application type. At this time of year with calves getting more difficult to handle, the ability to use a pour-on or injectable product makes treatment safer, easier and faster, and given correct application, without compromising efficacy. 
The moxidectin FECRT results specifi cally for Ostertagia in the AgResearch trial showed 99.8% efficacy for oral treatment; 99.7% for injection, and 99.9% for pour-on application. The fact that macrocyclic lactone pour-on is still working so well against Ostertagia after many years of use is reassuring of its place and worth on farms in NZ.
As is usual for young cattle in New Zealand the FECs were dominated by Cooperia. The study was useful in that it reinforced some key recommendations, such as why we don’t advise using a single active ML drench to treat Cooperia. Only 5 out of the 14 farms in the trial achieved greater than 95% efficacy with oral moxidectin treatment, and none via injection or pour-on.
When trying to treat Cooperia this paper indicates that the current recommendation of using a levamisole containing drench is valid.
The distinction between the two main parasites is critical – Cooperia live mainly in the lumen of the animal’s small intestine, while Ostertagia larvae cause damage living in the abomasal wall. These are two quite different types of worm, living in two different areas of the body, with vastly different drench ensitivity. While lungworm and Ostertagia remain the two most important roundworms of NZ cattle Cooperia is important in young stock and so a combination product is recommended.
We stock a wide range of combinations products either as an oral, injectable or pour-on.
Sustainable and profi table drenching involves choosing the best drench type, timing and treatment regime. Come and talk to us to get the best options for your farm.
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