Preparing for lambing

Ewe.jpgWith many of you scanning your ewes now or in the near future, it’s time to think about what you can do to get their lambs off to a good start and onto the truck sooner.

A pre-lamb 5-in-1 booster vaccination is essential for all ewes and hoggets to provide protection against unnecessary clostridial lamb losses in the early lambing to docking period.
You should also consider a pre-lamb drench for some or all of your flock. In-lamb hoggets and ewes with multiples, in particular, will benefit from parasite treatment. Remember that hoggets have to not only feed a lamb but are still growing and developing themselves. Supporting them through lambing means better-grown and more fertile two-tooths next season.


All ewes experience a rise in parasite egg output around the time of lambing,  so pre-lamb anthelmentic treatment will help to reduce the pasture larval burden that new lambs are exposed to. Pre-lamb treatment will also increase ewe milk production by reducing the energy requirement of the ewes’ immune system to overcome this parasite burden. More milk means faster growing lambs!

We have a conveyor available to allow for quicker and easier handling for vaccination and capsule administration.

Talk to Ross, Matt or your vet to formulate the best pre-lamb treatment plan for your farm.