Working Dogs

working dog in yards

New Zealand farm dogs are icons of rural life

They have contributed "silently" to the economy of the country since farming commenced in New Zealand. Their special environment and the relationship they have with other animals and humans means they are more likely to share specific welfare problems and health problems.

At Franklin Vets  we have a dedicated working dog focus group.  These veterinarians have a wealth of experience and skills for the benefit of the working dog.  If you are interested in reading more on any of the topics below click on the heading which will link you to more information.
Considering TTO Surgery? 
If you have a working dog that ruptures a cranial cruciate ligament, and you want the best chance of returning him or her to work again, consider investing in a TTO rather than a nylon tie procedure. It could be very worth your while.  

Arthritis is common

It interferes with a dog’s ability to work and makes its life miserable, just the same as in people.  Multiple treatment options are available.
Nutrition is key
Diet is an important factor to keeping a working dog running at optimum performance.  Like the fuel and oil you use for your farm vehicles, the working dog diet is just the same.  The better the quality of the diet, the less you feed and the longer you'll get from your working dogs and the cleaner the environment with less wastage.  If you want to find out how working dog diets can improve the performance of your four-legged co-workers email us and have a Franklin Vets representative introduce the options available.  Check out our retail page to keep up-to-date with specials and offers.

Untreated, constipation turns into obstipation, an intractable form that requires surgical correction.  Prevention is better than cure

What are the benefits of desexing a working dog?  Click here to find out what our vets recommend

Ovis has set up a detailed management plan for controlling and preventing sheep measles on the farm. Franklin Vets strongly supports this programme and can provide suitable worming treatments for your working dogs.

Leptospirosis is a particularly nasty illness in dogs, this is not the case in all other species. Prevention is the best way of treatment




The Centre for Service and Working Dog Health and Research combines researchers across several veterinary disciplines: medicine, surgery, epidemiology, behaviour, legislation and welfare.