Neutering a dog is a simple low-risk procedure, that will not negatively impact on their ability to perform work.  
· By 9 years of age, 95% of entire male dogs have benign prostatic hypertrophy, an enlargement of the prostate gland.  This can lead to difficulties defaecating and urinating, urinary infections and incontinence.  This is prevented by neutering.
· Testicular cancer and some forms of anal cancer are prevented by neutering.
· Neutering commonly prevents dogs from running off the property.
· Neutering can reduce aggression between male dogs.
Neutering involves a day in the clinic, then 4-5 days of rest from work.
Speying a bitch is a more involved surgery, but with even greater benefits 
· Mammary cancer affects 1 in 4 bitches, of whom 50% will die from it.  Speying before the first season almost entirely prevents this.
· Seasons and their associated hassle are prevented.
· Uterine infection (pyometra) affects about 1 in 4 bitches, and is prevented by speying.
· Weight gain after speying is prevented by feeding a proper diet.  
· Speyed bitches do not automatically  become overweight and lazy, whatever you may hear.
· Speying involves a day in the clinic, then 2 weeks of rest from work.  
  This is extremely important, so plan  the spey when you do not need this dog for work.
Please note that we cannot spey dogs in heat, and must wait until 3 weeks after the heat is finished.

We normally check the wounds at 5 days after surgery, and there may be one or more sutures to remove.
Surcharges apply if pregnant 

We are passionate about pain control at Franklin Vets, and all our surgical patients receive opiate (morphine based) pain control while at the clinic, plus 4 days of pain killers to go home with.  This is all included in the price of neutering.