Winter Care

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IMAG0022 LR(copy)Winter can be hard work burning energy to keep warm, especially when feed supplies are reduced.


A long life of active work can lead to arthritis,
aggravated by cold and damp so just moving to eat
can be painful. Add in sharp, painful teeth and an
increased risk of skin disease, no wonder keeping
weight on and staying perky becomes hard.
A few preventative measures put in place now with the help of your vet can help offset problems of winter to keep your well-loved horses, ponies and donkeys comfy.
  • Supplementary feed helps prevent loss of condition. Use hay & oils rather than grain based feed to increase energy especially where laminitis or colic are of concern.
  • Gum nuts are great, especially where dental problems are seen 
  • Regular dental care with use of speculums and dental lights will spot and treat conditions early to prevent tooth loss
  • Keeping horses in light exercise keeps joints supple and offsets signs of Pituitary Pars Intermedia
  • Dysfunction (PPID/Cushings) developing Glucosamine based supplementation aids joint health to prevent and alleviate arthritis
  • Where lameness is seen a veterinary examination should be performed to rule out serious injury
  • Check coat and skin for signs of rain scald/mud fever and parasites (e.g. lice)
  • Control worms without over-drenching by monitoring burdens with faecal egg counts