Winter Skin

7767 3 FVS Equine LR(copy)Winter time provides the perfect breeding grounds for many skin based problems in horses. The extra hair these magnificent animals develop during the colder months, is designed to keep the fresh air out and warmth in. However, this natural means of insulation can trap rain in damaging the skin’s surface, making it vulnerable to skin infections. This commonly occurs in Winter to the lower leg region and also the lower body of your horse. 

Regularly checking your horse over with a keen eye, can often be your best means to catch these uncomfortable problems early.
Look out for the tell-tale signs which can be:
 itching,
 excessive clumping of hair
 bald spots
Trying to keep the whole body dry and woolly coats in check, can become a nightmare when contending with the itching and sores that rain scald and mud fever can cause. Cleaning and drying off the problem areas with medicated washes helps mild infections, but more serious problems can require prescription products. As always, early intervention is best to avoid irreversible damage.
Lice can also be a problem during this season. In some cases lice can share similar signs to that of skin infections. For lice however we recommend a product called ‘Lice’N’Simple’ as it is an easy to use pour-on, that is highly effective in treating these little pests.
If you are in any way concerned, don’t hesitate to contact your local Franklin Vets clinic for friendly advice and tips on how to avoid these problems before needing the assistance of a veterinarian.