Blood Profiles

7767 3 FVS Equine-1 LR-440There are a number of conditions in horses in which taking a blood sample is an essential part of the diagnosis and treatment. 

The blood system has a very delicate balance and is often the first part of the body to change when illness strikes. 

By taking a blood sample we are able to thoroughly assess the health of your horse in detail to ensure the diagnosis is correct and the treatment is exactly right for your horse.  In severe illnesses, regular blood work can help monitor response to treatment so we know immediately when it’s time to change our plan. 

Franklin Vets have an in-house blood machine which means you can have the results of your horses blood test rapidly, often within an hour.  Time is crucial in horses, and the sooner the correct treatment is initiated the better.  When blood tests have to be sent away to another laboratory to run the results, the time spent waiting can quickly add up to several hours and sometimes even to the next day.  Often this is time we don’t have.  Additionally when blood samples sit for too long in transit the results can change, giving some false readings. Franklin Vets ensure your horse receives the best – and this extends to rapid blood test results.

We also offer performance panels for the horses that aren’t performing as normal and there is no obvious reason as to why.  Blood tests can check what we can’t detect on examination – including muscle changes and electrolyte imbalances.  It is sometimes recommended to take precautionary performance panels in high level sport and race horses, especially during a hard competition schedule.  This ensures you are always one step ahead and can help them stay at their peak for longer.