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Feeding calves Nourish

NOURISH calf meal has been part of the Franklin Vets nutrition range for a few years now. Designed to grow calves to their full potential, this product is now firmly established in the local calf meal market thanks to the impressive weight gains farmers using the product are seeing in their calves.

Many current studies demonstrate benefits into the first lactation of growing calves well. This additional growth and performance has long term health and production benefits well beyond higher weaning weights.

For those considering NOURISH, here are some key points:

  • Nourish is manufactured using consistent ingredients. You get a consistent, high-quality product.
  • It is a meal, not a pellet so ingredients retain their goodness through the manufacturing process.
  • There are no fillers, so every cent is being spent on good nutrition.
  • Ruminate’s “Complete calf additive” comes standard in Nourish and contains:
    • A complete and balanced vitamin, trace element and mineral supplement
    • A Coccidiostat
    • No harmful non-protein nitrogen sources
    • Antioxidants for enhanced rumen microbial growth & protect developing rumen membranes
    • Key protected amino acids to drive superior muscle development
    • Enzymes for greater energy efficiency.

All so you can sleep easier as your calves grow better.

Calf rearing in NZ has come a long way over the past few decades. However, our current Achille’s Heel is the period immediately post-weaning. Records from our grazing properties show that crossbred calves under 120kglwt, are less likely to perform well than those over 120kglwt when they move to an all pasture system. That’s because a rumen isn’t fully developed and capable of delivering from pasture alone all the nutrients a weaner needs until they reach these higher weights.

The objective of calf rearing is more than hitting a target weight as fast as we can. It’s also about ensuring we develop a strong healthy rumen, skeleton and a robust immune system. Expecting weaners to do this on grass only from 100kg will undo much of the good work done during calf-rearing. Sometimes extra meal is not practical or affordable. At this point, GUTSY Weaner steps in.

Feeding GUTSY weaner

What is GUTSY Weaner?

It is a:

  • Low dose, loose lick (100g/calf/day) that is fed easily in paddock systems.
  • Lick containing readily available carbohydrates, to help the developing rumen extract the most from the pasture and;
  • Complete and balanced vitamin, trace element and mineral profile to support skeletal and immune system development in fast-growing animals.
  • A water-resistant product that is suited to our NZ climate.
  • Cost-effective and easy to use lick that turns weaned calves into thriving youngstock.

Gutsy weaner is the obvious choice to help move past our current Achille’s Heel into more productive and profitable young stock rearing systems.

If you require more information on these game-changing products, please talk to your Vet or your Franklin Vets Rural Trade Manager.

Dr David Hawkins BVSc


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