Sport Horse

Lameness check with equine vet

We provide a comprehensive range of services to keep your sport horse performing to the best of his or her abilities. These include everything from preventative care to diagnostics and therapeutics. Our services can all be performed on farm, but we also offer haul-in/drop-off facilities at the Pukekohe AMP showgrounds for your convenience.

Soundness exams

Trot-up and flexions can be performed even if your horse isn’t lame. This can help identify and target areas of potential problems before they affect your horse’s performance.

A pre-season health check can include working through behaviour quirks, as these can often be related to medical issues and we can help you and your horse work through this.

Fitness issues

A thorough examination of the heart and lungs, including upper airway endoscopy, can help diagnose any issues related to fitness and performance.

Lameness exams

Our vets are experienced in helping pinpoint the cause of lameness. A lameness workup can include examination in hand and under saddle, flexion tests, nerve or joint blocks to localize an area of lameness on a leg, etc.


  • Portable digital x-ray
  • Ultrasound for tendons, ligaments, muscles, heart etc.
  • Inhouse same day bloodwork
  • Upper airway endoscopy (including lung/tracheal wash)
  • Gastroscopy (scope for stomach ulcers)
  • Ophthalmoscope (eye exams).


  • IRAP (Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein)
  • PRP (Platelet-rich-plasma)
  • Shockwave.


We are available to advise rehabilitation plans to recover your horse from an injury and get you and your horse back to doing what you love.

Nutrition consultations

Our vets are happy to help advise supplements and feeds to help optimize your horse’s performance potential.

Complementary therapies

We have veterinarians certified in acupuncture and chiropractic work to maintain your horse throughout the show season and during the offseason.


Our services include microchipping (including thoroughbreds), branding (option to either use your brand or we can provide one) and ID papers.

Vaccines and wellness

Veterinary dental care

Breeding advice for the offseason

Pre-purchase examinations