Tailpainting for heat detection

We know that the reproductive performance of your herd is a major contributor to profitability. We understand that every farm is different, as is each problem and solution. That is why we work with you to achieve your reproductive goals.

At Franklin Vets, we are dedicated to helping you manage and improve your reproduction. There are many ways we can help. We offer a wide range of services, varying from metrichecking and solutions for non-cycling cows, to in-depth reproductive consultancy. We are happy to assist in any way we can.


Checking cows for uterine infections, and treating if required, improves 6-week in-calf rate (likely by 1-2%) and decrease the empty rate for affected cows. Successful treatment can add as much as an extra 14 to 20 days in milk per cow treated the next lactation.

Options for all dairy herds:

  • whole herd single/ batch checks
  • at-risk cows only
  • DIY vet treats ‘dirties’ 

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Why Wait

A single injection used at the appropriate time on cows cycling prior to PSM allows us to fine-tune some herds reproduction (often those treating non-cycling cows). This allows more cows to be mated in the first 10 days. This can add an extra 4-5 days in milk per treated cow.

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The benefits of early cycling

Maximising reproductive performance not only sets you up for success in the coming season but the impacts of a good (or bad) mating season are felt for years to come.

In the following video, Dr Greg Lindsay discusses mating strategies for improving your inCalf rate including understanding cycles, the benefits of early cycling & Why Wait.

Bull mating

Non-cycler Programs

Some cows that have not shown heat prior to PSM may require a helping hand in the form of veterinary intervention. NZ research has shown that treating non-cycling dairy cows with the best modern non-cycler programmes results in 15 to 21 more days in milk on average, compared to untreated non-cyclers. This extra milk yield is worth about $210 per cow and lowers risk non-cyclers next season.

FVS offers programmes such as:

  • Prosynch plus
  • Ovsynch

Heifer Synchrony

Synchronising heifers for AB mating ensures they are all up and running on day one, giving them a greater chance of getting in calf early, and more chances to get in calf. The benefits include increased replacement numbers e.g., for export, improved rate of genetic gain, tighter calving patterns, reduced number of bobby calves, and increases average calf sale value.


  • Econosynch
  • Cosynch


Pregnancy scanning

Pregnancy Testing

Franklin Vets offer a pregnancy scanning service with the added value of electronically recording results on farm with Infovet. Our portable scanners can guarantee accurate results. Pregnancy testing is a great tool for gaining information about your cows’ reproductive performance. We can offer the following scanning services in both MA cattle and heifers.

  • Aged Pregnancies
  • In-calf or empty (yes/no)
  • Identification of late calving cows

Accurate ageing allows better management and planning. Heifer PD’s allows removal of empties and better allocation of feed to pregnant animals. Whilst scanning we can also tie in other services such as herd vaccinations, BCS and tail scoring.

Pregnancy Testing Review  

Results from scanning are generated and viewed in real-time on-farm allowing accurate information on-farm at the conclusion of the scan. Full reports are generated including pregnancy rates of non-cyclers and dirty cows where applicable to give you as much information as possible from the scan. We offer full reviews and advice on potential improvements for next season.

Pre dry off PD

Save on dry cow by identifying 1-2% slips prior to DCT insertion/ dry off

Bull Fertility Testing (crushside)

Careful bull selection can reduce the risks of selecting subfertile bulls, however, it is better to test them to save costs should they not perform. Testing removes approx. 10% infertile/ sub-fertile bulls, increases the sale value of bulls and increases the trust of purchasers/leasers.

The exam we offer checks:

  • Palpation and measurement of testicles
  • Palpation of internal sex glands
  • Collection of semen and examination of the penis
  • Examination of sperm for motility (on farm)
  • Examination of sperm for morphology (in the lab)

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FVS Prepare to Mate

Half-hour chats with your vet to discuss goals and plans for the upcoming mating season. They can be planned as casual “while you’re here” or ‘in-clinic sit-downs’ over a coffee and a biscuit, to discuss factors affecting reproduction. Planning early allows pre-booking of interventions at a time that suits you best. We can generate personalised planners based on your calving and mating dates. The consult acts as a reminder to sort out dates for key time-based animal health interventions such as BVD vaccinations or metrichecking. Your vet can also work through the Ready to Mate app with you – this is a full mating calendar with an automated reminder system created based on your planned start of calving.

Ready to Mate

A 1 to 1.5 hour sit down consult, like ‘Prepare to Mate” but a more in-depth discussion covering multiple factors affecting reproduction and areas of improvement personalised to your farm. This may include the identification of problem areas and planning on how improvement could be made. Your vet with work with you to develop an action plan for the coming season.

In Calf

Consultancy covering key factors affecting reproduction on your farm. Ideal if want a more in-depth plan and ongoing veterinary involvement to help motivate and keep on track. Involves 4 x 2-3hr consults.

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We offer an integrated farm systems and business management approach to improve your farm. 

Getting farm system/ feeding management right leads to:

  • Better production
  • Better repro
  • Better profitability.

Franklin Vets Veterinarian & Director Dr David Hawkins currently leads this area.

Ancillary Services

  • Heifer weighing, heifer health plans, Heifer health plus
  • BCS scoring, dry off plans
  • Nutritional advice, feed budgets etc.


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