Futureproof your herd with a calf WOF

calf WOF

Do you know how well you are rearing your calves? Do you know the benefits of achieving best practice standards?

Book one of our large animal vets to take you through our Calf WOF 60 minute assessment. It will quantify how well you are doing, highlight potential areas for improvement and create achievable goals this calving season.

Already started calving?

No problem, we can do the basic Calf WOF and take blood samples from your calves to determine whether your calves received adequate quality and quantity of colostrum at birth.

Recent research across NZ highlights the importance of getting the first 24 hours of life right to grow quality calves that will ensure the success of your future herd.

Another change we are seeing is the uptake of our farmers using the Brix refractometer to measure colostrum quality. This simple tool can easily be integrated to become the first step towards rearing your best ever crop of calves. Brix reading at 22% or above = what you’re aiming for!

These calves will then become the kind of heifers you can rely on to create a solid and successful future.