Preparing your broodmare for spring

Mare and foal

We are all getting sick of the rain, cold and mud so it is hard to start thinking about warmer weather, foals being born and re-breeding our mares. Here are just a few tips for preparing your broodmare for the spring.

If your mare is pregnant, now is the time to confirm her foaling date and where she will be foaling. If she will be foaling at home, you can organize a safe paddock and any supplies you will need. If you would like her to foal at a stud, this will need to be organized now and any needed vaccinations given prior to taking her there. About one month prior to foaling it is helpful to have a pre-foaling check. At this stage your veterinarian can make sure that the pregnancy is progressing normally, make any changes to her nutrition if needed, give pre-foaling vaccinations and a drench, open a caslick if there is one and discuss any questions you may have about the foaling process.

If you are planning on breeding your mare in the spring, it is important to finalize details with the stallion owner.  This includes confirming your booking and discussing live cover, fresh or frozen semen. If your mare will require scans prior to, during or after breeding, you can take time now to discuss options with your veterinarian about safe facilities, options and cost. 

Being prepared for foaling and breeding decreases the stress and increases the efficiency of the entire process so prepare now! Please ring us at the Pukekohe clinic (09 238 2471) if you have any questions or want to discuss options. We look forward to hearing from you!