Preventative Healthcare

Lifestyle Vet Sarah health checking goats

Are you time poor and looking for a healthcare solution for your lifestyle block animals?

Look no further. Franklin Vets offers both existing and new clients a variety of Lifestyle Block Annual Healthcare Packages. These include EVERYTHING your lifestyle block animals need on an annual basis to optimise health and prevent disease.

The vast majority of diseases that farm animals get are seasonal and usually preventable e.g. flystrike, lameness, facial eczema, and parasitism such as barber’s pole. Therefore, our focus is on disease prevention and maintaining happy, healthy animals, ultimately saving you time and stress.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Worried that you may be missing crucial preventative treatments for your farm animals?
  • Have animals with recurring or preventable health issues?
  • Too busy to keep up with preventative treatments for your animals?
  • Sheep that are constantly lame?
  • Looking for a gold-standard quality service for your much-loved pets?
  • Not a fan of injecting your animals?
  • Unsure which products are actually good ones?
  • Wanting to be educated about animal health?

Annual health packages are available for sheep & lambs, goats, alpacas, adult cattle and calves. Our highly qualified vet technicians come to you to provide these services.

Packages include:

Sheep (including ewes, hoggets and lambs)

Service in early summer, midsummer, autumn & winter. Includes a combination of foot trimming, application of flystrike products, body condition scoring, drenching, facial eczema prevention, vaccination & lice treatment.


Service in summer, late summer, autumn, winter & spring. Includes a combination of drenching, foot trimming, body condition scoring, vaccination, faecal egg counts, & vitamins.


Service in summer, late summer, autumn & winter. Includes a combination of drenching, foot trimming, body condition scoring, vaccination & lice treatment.

We look forward to talking to you soon.

Ph: 09 234 1471 (Pukekohe), 09 298 8575 (Papakura)  or email the Lifestyle team.

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