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Chickens in the paddock

Wow, did winter ever come on slowly this year?! As this (relatively) warm weather dragged on later than usual, we were still seeing the dregs of Facial Eczema until VERY late in the season. It feels like the grass had only just started to grow, then it washed out, and soon will turn to mud again. Ah well, such is life.

The good news is many of the school Ag Days are back up and running this year, so we look forward to meeting all your beautiful little bouncy babies coming through for their vaccinations.

Our lifestyle block Animal Health Plan runs have just wrapped up for another visit, to cover all your preventative needs, which are always a delight to work on. However, we’re seeing many cases of foot rot all around the show, and left untreated can really damage the hoof, predisposing to further infection and a never ending cycle, so keep on the lookout!

Warm regards,

The Franklin Vets Lifestyle Team

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