Pre-foaling Examination


Foaling season can be a very nervous time, especially for first-time breeders. There are a few simple things that can be done to optimize your broodmare’s health, foal’s health and your own health! 

Having the correct information and a plan in place goes a long way toward easing any stresses and worries you may have about your broodmare and foaling.  A pre-foaling examination of your mare provides the information you need to make a plan for foaling and allows you to discuss with one of our equine veterinarians any concerns you may have.  It also provides the best care for your mare to optimize her health as well as the foal’s.

A pre-foaling examination includes the following:

  1. Examining the mare to make sure pregnancy is progressing normally and no problems are developing.
  2. Checking the mare’s condition and discussing nutrition requirements for the last month of pregnancy.
  3. Deworming treatment to ensure that the foal is exposed to few, if any, parasites from the mare.
  4. Vaccination of the mare to ensure the best quality colostrum is available to the foal at foaling.  (This ensures adequate protection for the foal against tetanus for the first 12 weeks of its life.)
  5. Examining the mare for a caslick that would require opening. (If left unopened, this can lead to tearing for the mare and/or death of the foal)
  6. Discussing foaling locations and options (your property vs. a stud property).  If your mare will be foaling at your property, we can discuss what to expect and our veterinary support that is available if it is needed.

Please call us on 09 238 2472 to ask questions or schedule your pre-foaling exam.