Nourish Calf Meal Testimonial

Nourish calf meal

“In the Spring of 2020, after many years using top brand calf meals, we changed to Nourish after having a nagging disappointed feeling that our calves just weren’t doing as well as they should have been.

We’ve been rearing large numbers of calves for 28 years on various methods but have refined it down to a milk exclusion, high meal input system to rear over 400 calves in a year now. Historically calves had done well, but we felt they should have been better, for the amount of meal that was going in.

After using Nourish we have been thrilled with the results. Our calves are very even, with no smaller or poorer calves, the average across the line is to a very high standard. The initial slightly higher cost to Nourish is diluted away in very efficient weight gain, both muscle and skeletal growth obvious to the eye.

We are extremely happy with Nourish and have found the perfect calf meal we have been looking for, giving us ultimate peace of mind, in a very important part of our farming enterprise.

We believe we are getting very good bang for our buck using Nourish, overall reducing our rearing costs, giving us much better outcomes.”

Willy & Keely Muir