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Milksmart consults

Milksmart consults - what are they and why do I care?

For our autumn farms the end is nigh so you may have planned your dry off and already booked your holiday! But before you hit the beach it might be worth considering whether it is worth planning a Milksmart consultation with your vet. It's probably the last thing on your mind but you might thank me later!

So what is a Milksmart consult?

A Milksmart consult is normally done during an afternoon milking at the end of the season. Overall it's used to assess and improve milking efficiency in your herd. Often when we talk about efficiency we usually talk about time and that is a factor here but we also mean reducing SCC/mastitis levels and improving overall herd health.

What do we assess?

One of the most important things we assess is the teat end condition of your herd. Much like how we say the eyes are the window to the soul, teat end condition can be a window into your milking system and cow health. Depending on the level of damage and how many cows have damage, this can be a good indicator of things like milking machine performance, milking time, teat spray, and how animals are being milked. All of these are also assessed at the time of the consult. This is important because damaged teat ends are more likely to result in infection and mastitis and can contribute to your overall SCC.   

When should I consider doing it?

If you have been finding it difficult to keep on top of your SCC or mastitis this season or if you are generally wanting to improve your milking efficacy or want to get home for breakfast and dinner earlier! 

What's its value? What am I going to get out of it?

This consult allows your vet to make recommendations specific to your farming system that could significantly improve your milking efficiency and therefore economic return. You can also use this time to discuss your dry cow and mastitis treatment, or if you have any other burning vet questions.  

So if you are interested contact your clinic to book a time! Otherwise, if you are still unsure your friendly vet will be happy to answer all your questions. But other than that, carry on booking that summer vacay and be sure to mention it to us next time we are out on farm to make us jealous!

Amber Rowan-Sanders, Farm Vet at Taupiri





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